WordPress AntiSpam Plugin, Configuring Alpine Linux to Send Mail

The previous incarnation of this blog had a lot more inbound links, and accumulates spam. One day, I had 14,000 comments pending, and most were spam. So, I wrote a tool to help work through the backlog. https://github.com/johnkawakami/delete-comments-matching-blacklist It basically worked, but at one point, I had a bug: I had it match a field […]

Dead Pages, Alpine, Docker, Cloud

I’m having some Google indexing problems, with some traffic going to riceball.com, and some coming to technote.fyi. According to Search Console, I still have 367 riceball.com pages; in reality, I have maybe 40 pages. Some of these pages haven’t been crawled since the middle of 2018. They don’t show up in search results. Looking back, […]

Opening a Dozen Email Boxes? Use Mozilla Thunderbird (and Donate)

If you need to read through a lot of email addresses, try Thunderbird. I’ve had over ten addresses in it, and it works pretty well. It also has an RSS reader that I rarely use, but it’s there. It’s my preferred client, and after a lot of use, I finally donated to the project. https://donate.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/