Problems Importing CSV into Google Contacts

I had a lot of problems importing a list from AirTable into Google Contacts.

The name and phone would import, but email would not.

So I found a workaround.

My email client is Thunderbird, and I have the TBSync extension installed with the Gmail connector. I kind of don’t recommend this, but, it works as long as I don’t rely on having my contacts upload to the server. I keep it mainly downloads, and life is good.

However, for this situation, we need to upload.

The Thunderbird CSV importer can handle any CSV file.

Unfortunately, T-Bird doesn’t do Google Contacts Labels. I needed to tag everyone with an organization label.

So what I did was import through both T-Bird and Google Contacts. I imported twice.

On the Contacts import, I labeled the new contacts.

On the T-Bird import, I made sure to get all the fields.

Then, in Google Contacts, use the Merge feature to automatically merge the duplicate contacts.

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