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I’m deleting content from this site again. Right now, it’s at over 370 pages, much of it outdated and obsolete. It used to be more. I’m also going to avoid putting up random stuff. I decided to learn Slim 4, a PHP framework, and am blogging about it at Developerbrainfarts.

Using Flatpaks, Doctrine ORM is Meta, Talking Union, and Indexing Free Blogs

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What are the best free blogging sites? I don’t know, but decided to see which platforms were best indexed on Google. Not surprised to find that Google’s own Blogger.com had the most pages. These are the results from using the Google search “site” filter.

WordPress AntiSpam Plugin, Configuring Alpine Linux to Send Mail

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The previous incarnation of this blog had a lot more inbound links, and accumulates spam. One day, I had 14,000 comments pending, and most were spam. So, I wrote a tool to help work through the backlog.

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