Using Flatpaks, Doctrine ORM is Meta, Talking Union, and Indexing Free Blogs

What are the best free blogging sites? I don’t know, but decided to see which platforms were best indexed on Google. Not surprised to find that Google’s own had the most pages. These are the results from using the Google search “site” filter.      1,300,000,000 results     361,000,000 results        125,000,000 results        37,400,000 results        24,900,000 results           3,040,000 results

I was reading an ebook about SEO, and it said to host your blog on Blogger, and didn’t explain why. Now, I wonder if indexing is the reason. WordPress is well known to have decent on-page SEO, but Blogger has 4x as many pages indexed.

A lot of those pages on Blogger are trash. Just check them out – tons of redirects to bad pages.

The containerization trend continues, and on Linux the Flatpak format is similar to Ubuntu’s Snaps. I had to use Flatpak to install a more recent Shotwell, and had some difficulties. Figured them out in:

I was having problems producing Doctrine ORM migrations, and discovered that Doctrine, internally, uses Doctrine. That caused a problem in my configuration.

Lastly, I revived one of the more popular pages on the old site, about an IT Labor Union. It needs more research and writing, because the world has changed a lot since then.

Update: I started up a blog about fixing my old Corolla. I’m linking it here so it’ll be picked up by search engines.

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