Workstyles and Productivity

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Inspired by this HubSpot article:

How do I like to send and receive information?

Brief emails.  Verbal communication backed by brief emails. Verbal information alone doesn’t “stick”, but convey’s urgency or lack of ugency.

Which productivity tools do I use frequently?

Paper to-do lists and a notebook.  Checklists.

Also, chats and Asana.  Sometimes, I draw Gantt charts.

Drawing diagrams, and using them as both references and a check on work completion.

Have I replaced or changed any work habits because they weren’t efficient?

Always looking for improvements.  I have started using checklists more often instead of making elaborate to-do lists.

Looking at the last few times I was frustrated with a team member, can I find any trends?

Stubbornness on all our parts.

When do I feel the most and least focused?

Most focused from 8am to around 3pm.  Also can focus in the evening if it’s calm.

Least focused in the late afternoon.

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