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Learn VisualBasic.NET with Me: events, delegates, tired

Again, I didn’t do much hacking. Yesterday really took it out of me, and I slept a lot (finally). Instead of hard stuff, a few simple things got done.

Copy URL+ is a great extension for [Firefox] that helps you create links to web pages. Instead of copying the URL, it lets you copy the URL-plus-title. Not only that, with a tweak, you can have HTML copied to your clipboard. It’s a must-have for any blogger, writer, whatever.

I read more about events and delegates and updated my old blog post about them. When I was coding, I referred back to this blog to find my references. This temporal organization is better than a more formal categorization, because I’m still new to the topic, and don’t really have a good overview of what I need to know.

If my knowledge gets a little more advanced, that original post will probably have to be retired, and another post started on the same topic.

Also, in the box along the left, I have some del.icio.us links to articles I’m reading. This is making me understand how important it is to have a bookmarking system that integrates into my note-taking and work. It’s also critical that the TITLE tags in a page are correct.


You can use RealVNC to hack on a Windows box. My Windows box is connected to a blurry monitor, and using VNC allows me to hack on Windows on a clear monitor. It’s pretty nice, though not as nice as having a good monitor on the Windows box.