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Netgear GS105PE VLAN Configuration Notes

The docs are kind of sparse on this, and they really push the simpler “port based vlans”. That’s not what you want. You want the advanced 802.1Q setup, which is the type of VLAN used on most managed switches.

Go in there, and then into the “Advanced” mode. Each of these modes (simple, advanced, port based, and 802.1Q) is exclusive of the others, so you lose the prior configuration when you switch modes.

The “VLAN Configuration” is an overview of VLAN membership.

“VLAN Membership” is where you set which ports are tagged and untagged. Put a “T” where traffic comes in tagged, and you want to create a hybrid port. Put a “U” where the traffic comes in untagged, and you want to add a tag with the PVID to the traffic.

“Port PVID” sets the default VLAN for tagging untagged traffic.

Mini Review

So far, so good. It’s a switch that is powered by PoE, and doesn’t have a conventional wall wart. It can take the PoE power and redistribute it via two ports that go to other devices (other switches, or access points).

It accepts up to 600mA at 42V, and can handle 37 to 57 volts. The power is then split between the two PoE PSE ports, with port 1 being given priority.

This supports both 802.3af and 802.3at. The latter is higher-power higher-current injector that is required to support some devices.

Note that the configuration tool requires Windows. There’s no web-based configuration. That is a big pain in the ass.

So, would I buy again? Probably not, due to this lack of a web-based administration tool.