Vpopmail Courier Authdaemon authvchkpw

It’s 2018, and this application configuration isn’t supported anymore, but PC Freak has advice on how to make it work. Make QMAIL with vpopmail vchkpw, courier-authlib and courier-imap auth work without MySQL on Debian Linux qmailrocks Thibs install.

Thank you PC Freak!

# Here are some things that you might need to install.
apt install libgdbm-dev libpam-dev

Finding out that the vpopmail+courier imap system is no longer supported is a real downer.  These have been incredibly solid for me the past decade.


I had a few problems, and I’ll post about them over time. The first was a compilation problem in courier-imap.

I had a problem compiling courier-imap on Ubuntu 16.04.5. It would fail to compile couriertcpd in tcpd.

The problem was fixed by changing the options passed to libtool. The old args looked like “-Wl,-lgdbm”. The new args looked like “-lgdbm”.  This had to be changed in 4 or 5 places in the Makefile. After doing that, it compiled.

I think that the newer version of libtool, 2.4.6, handles “-lgdbm”, or the newer gcc handles it. I’m not sure which.