MS Access: Geocoding and Distance Reporting

This is some code and controls that help you geocode addresses, and prepare a report of addresses sorted by distance from a point.

It’s based on the Excel Geocoding Tool, but expands on it by adding a few features, including caching of calculated locations.

Addresses are stored in their own table, and are normalized a little bit, so that you don’t end up geocoding the same address over. (For example, if you have 50 people at an office, that location should only be geocoded once.)

The code also shows how to change the sql datasource of a report in VBA code.

The code’s incomplete, and you it’s not a drop-in library. Integration will take some effort. There probably won’t be any other “releases”.

[I’ve been fixing up the code. This original code is a mess, and there are some weird things going on because I didn’t understand VBA exception handling (… ).]

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