Parallax Effect

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This is a short snippet of code to do the popular “parallax” effect for headings. This code has two boxes. The second box helps you see how to deal with a box that’s not at the top of the page.

There’s not much to it. You make some boxes and set the background-position based on the window.scrollY value.

        <style type="text/css">
            #box1 {
                height: 350px;
                background-image: url(trafficjam.jpg);
            #box2 {
                height: 350px;
                background-image: url(gavilan2.jpg);
        <div id='box1'>
            <h1>Parallax Demo</h1>
        <div id='box2'>
            <h1>PARALLAX DEMO</h1>
            window.setInterval(function () {
                var box2ofst = -100;
                document.getElementById('box1').style.backgroundPosition = 
                    '0px ' + window.scrollY/10 + 'px';
                document.getElementById('box2').style.backgroundPosition = 
                    '0px ' + (box2ofst + window.scrollY/10) + 'px';
            }, 50);