Are Doctests in Django 1.8 Failing to Run?

I don’t know what’s up, but I ran some old examples, and it looks like doctests aren’t running when I do the “ test” (or the one with a settings file).

I wasn’t able to get it working, at all, but found an interesting semi-workaround… if you don’t have tests in your docstrings, which now seems to be the norm.

from django.test import TestCase

class SimpleTest(TestCase):
    def test_x(self):
    def test_doctest(self):
        import doctest
        result = doctest.testfile('doctest.txt', raise_on_error=True)

The interesting stuff is in test_doctest(). It just runs testfile on an extra file. The raise_on_error=True will cause failed tests to register an error in the unit test.

It feels like an ugly hack to me, but I might use it.

This post seems to have a better way to run the doctests. The trick there is DocTestSuite.