Formatting Mobile HTML Email

While writing a template for spam, I learned the following about mobile email formatting.
The iPhone will scale the email to match the width of the header image, but subsequent images won’t be scaled. And the text below – might end up looking really narrow. The fix is to put the entire layout into a table. Then the iPhone will scale the entire message. The only problem is that the text will now shrink. So make the table 400 to 550 pixels wide. That reduces the shrinking.
The Android mail client doesn’t scale the text, and doesn’t scale the image either. The layout, overall, is preserved, so anything aligned center or right will be cut off. Images will be cut off. The text, however, will be sized and wrapped to the default font. The fix is to set the width of all graphics the same, around 400 to 500. Don’t align any text right.
On both phones, rotating the phone to read email fixes most of the problems if you use a 500 pixel wide layout.