Fixing a Static Archive of a Drupal Site to Redirect Old URLs with Mod Rewrite

Tuesday, February 27

I’m not going to dig into the numbers today. They are mostly on the same trends as before.

The big change is a hacked together sitemap for the old archived website. It’s based on “ls” and some text mangling.

As article are ported to the new site, and redirects created, I will just delete the HTML files. This can be reflected in this sitemap.

I’m going to wait a few more days to see the effect on the index. The crawl rate has already shot up.

I also got rid of the index.html page for the archive. Now, it’s a white page with hundreds of links.

I also figured out a trick to find references to this site, via Google. You run a search like this:


That gives you all the instances of, excluding those on the domain itself. You can get creative and find only URLs, and exclude email addresses.

This site has few inbound links, but there are several mentions in fora and help boards.

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