Backup Write Speeds

This is a scratchpad for noting some disk transfer speeds. There are so many potential configurations, and possible bottlenecks…

Dell PE1800 w/PERC6 SATA 1.5 over USB2 to external HDD, ntbackup.exe, 4.8 megabytes per second.
Home PC disk to disk, 7200RPM, 904MiB directory, 23 seconds. 39.3 MiB/s.

There’s a discussion of Samba to SATA speeds and the general top limit is 50MiB/s because of the disks, but things like slow nics and cpus can make performance of CIFS worse. Specific software, like ntbackup.exe can be slow

Comparison Table of Time to Copy Data (rough guesstimates)

SPEED             100GB      500GB      1TB
5MiB/s            5.5hr      27hr       52hr
20MiB/s           1.3hr      6.5hr      13hr
40MiB/s           42min      3.6hr      8hr
1Gb/s (GigE)      10min      1hr        2hr

Note that no disks run at full gig ether speeds, so those numbers are just for transferring data. 40MiB/s is probably the current maximum for 7200rpm disks.