Ebay Profit Calculator, Local Sale Price Equivalent

Whenever I sell locally, I have to do two things. First, determine if it’s feasible to sell the item on Ebay for a greater profit after fees. Second, set a price a little higher than I’d accept, because people want to haggle.

Profit on Ebay is pretty simple. Ebay fees are 10% of the final sale price plus shipping. Paypal fees are 30 cents + 3%. Profit = final sale price – cost of goods.

Local or Global?

Generally, going for the global market will make you more money. The calculator above figures out a local sales price that includes a 10% increase to deal with hagglers, and then adds $10 for gas and parking to sell the item.

I’m not a good haggler, but it’s good to note expenses when they are pushing the price down. Mention the driving, time, etc.

The main advantage of local sales is that they can be faster because it’s going to be cheaper for the buyer, because they aren’t paying for shipping.